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Rule of Law

The presumption of guilt.

In an era where public policy is frequently influenced by the latest frenzy on social media, there is growing evidence that a dangerous new doctrine is on the rise: the presumption of guilt.

This should concern everyone, regardless of political alignment. The presumption of innocence is a bulwark not just against over-mighty governments, but against those who would side-step the normal law and impugn people who have done nothing wrong.

The presumption of innocence is an idea that applies everywhere. It underpins the federal and state Constitutions, protects liberty and ensures everyone knows where they stand. It is worth fighting for.

Rule of Law 1

The Building Commission breaks all of them.

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The rogue RW cops at the BC presume people are guilty and treat all building workers as suspects. Inquiries turn into crime investigations.

The Commissioner Code doesn’t exist so is hardly known and accessible.

They will punish building workers for breaching the code which is not law.

Taking 7 years to bring a matter to trial is not prompt.

They do not behave as Model Litigants.

They are not impartial in their pursuit of a conviction.

Not being from the industry they take criticism personally.

There is no equality, they have full time paid staff, access to State lawyers, and as much time as they want. The builder or subby has to deal with them in his unpaid spare time at the expense of quality time with his family.

The SAT won’t let the facts get in the way of a nice prosecution.

The BC’s script “You have come here of your own free will but understand that anything you do say etc. etc.” (we’ve all seen the shows on the telly)

“You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

Should  a SAT decision be as an advocate of the Government Department who engaged them (a regular paying customer) or  in accordance with The Australian Constitution, The WA legalal system, or what will get them the most likes on Facebook?

So much for assisting the BC with their enquiries?

Why is the Rule of Law Important for Society?

A country that adheres to the rule of law ensures that –

All persons and organisations including the government are subject to and accountable to the law
The law is clear, known, and enforced
The Court system is independent and resolves disputes in a fair and public manner
All persons are presumed innocent until proven otherwise by a Court
No person shall be arbitrarily arrested, imprisoned, or deprived of their property
Punishment must be determined by a Court and be proportionate to the offence

The Government in allowing the Building Commission to breach the Australian Constitution is sending the wrong message to the young. Beliefs are formed from experiences. If the BC is dodgy then other Institutes like Accountants, Doctors and Lawyers must be dodgy too. It’s creating a generation of dissidents.

If you feel that you haven’t been treated fairly as the Constitution intended give us a call.

CIBC ensuring the Building Commission and the SAT adhere to the Australian Constitution. It’s what Australians fought two world wars for.

Peace, Democracy and Freedom so don’t let anyone take that away from you.

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Rule of Law 2