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Where the ‘Underworld can meet the Elite’!

This is an extract from a 1932 movie from the days of Al Capone. A common theme of the ‘Gangster movies of the 1930’s’ was corruption.

Bribery of Politicians, Judges, lawyers and cops.

Of course that was last century, it wouldn’t happen now would it?

The Wood Royal Commission might suggest otherwise.

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RULE OF LAW – The whole legal system is founded on the Australian Constitution. The Building Commission (BC) and the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) are bound by this constitution. The BC and SAT can’t do their own thing. All decisions and actions they (SAT & BC) undertake must align with the Australian Constitution.

STRUCTURE – It would be best if the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and the sub-department of Building and Energy worked in collaboration with the Building Industry.

BUILDING COMMISSION ETHIC and MODUS OPERNADI – The current modus operandi at the BC is to take an adversarial approach to Builders and building trades. This approach by the BC is counter-productive. The BC is currently structured to work more as a dictatorial office that dishes out punitive edicts that damage builders rather than a constructive body that fosters professionalism and positive outcomes for all parties. An alternative would be for a statutory body to be made up of members of the Building Industry.


I was talking to to some students at a party recently and I asked them what they wanted to be. One was going to be a builder so I asked him why. He said he wanted to build the best houses in Perth.

I asked the other chap and he was studying law. I also asked him why and he said he wanted to be a corporate raider find companies that were under valued, shut them down and sell off the assets.

I asked what about the employees of the company who will lose their jobs if he shut them down. Some may have been loyal employees of many years?

He said it wouldn’t be his problem.

Funny how certain professions attract certain types of people from a young age.

Walk a mile in my shoes.

History shows that the rich and influencial  have always been in a dominant position in any society. Described as the elite class, which further shaped the concept of capitalism in the world.

Back in 1902, economist Vilfredo Pareto gave this term along with its famous 80/20 rule. By this rule, Pareto classified that 80% of the land always belongs to 20% of the population, and this 20%, he referred to then, is today’s elite class. (There are some today who seem to be aiming for 98 /2 version).

They are the people assigned to judge you. Born within the bastions of privilege their education gives them the right to judge. They may have little life experience and have never attained the enlightenment to do so.

The SAT and BE are nothing like this.

The SAT employing an Academic in a judicial role may not be the best decision. Stephen Hawking may have known more about time and space than anyone else but that doesn’t mean he would have been a good astronaut.


It was the flotilla of small private craft (this picture was taken in 1940) that lifted the boys from the beaches of Dunkirk.

They didn’t wait for licenses that day, thank God.

Just get the lads home which they did admirably.

Private Enterprise

Authoritarian regimes where everyone is a suspect does not work in Western Democracies. The building industry of WA works as a collaboration between clients and the trades via the builder. Instructions to trades from clients can be a problem if a variation arises and memories need to be relied upon. There is no heirarchy on site, all the trades are equal. They are there to do their best. Trades people take pride in their work and will also want to get paid.

This is the best possible outcome for the consumer and they will most likely recommend them to their friends.

This is OK for builders as it keeps their sub-contractor status and there can be no ambiguity. A Government Dept. cannot  claim they are an employee.


The Australian way of life. Giving it a go. Getting a fair deal. Standing by your mate. Giving it your best shot. Giving and getting the benefit of the doubt.

A fair and independant view of the current system can be viewed here:


and here:


CIBC Building Industry Watchdog Plans on phone

GPS, Laser levels, drones and QR code logins are here to stay.

Everyone on building sites for the last 15 years have accessed contract requirements from a laptop, phone or tablet. Most builders collaborate with their clients and subbies this way so that information is constantly updated and accessible to everyone at all times.

Clients can make a selection in a shop, a variation is OK’d and the goods are ordered before the client leaves the shop. The selection is then on everyone’s phone including the head sub-contractor if he is in a shared folder.


A society that supports the rule of law is not one composed of uncritical and obedient citizens; rather it is one whose citizens understand and respect just laws, are aware of their function and know how to engage with them constructively and how to challenge them as needed, within the appropriate mechanisms and institutions.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

CIBC Governments make mistakes

Don’t think because it’s the Government that’s it. They get it wrong too but at the expense of the tax payer.

The Building Industry is results driven, it is  paid for the result of the labour irrespective of the time taken. The public service get paid a salary irrespective of the result.

Working for a fixed price creates urgency in the work. The result is never compromised by this as payment is also dependent on the result.

In 50 years I have never met a subby who did a lesser job because it is cheaper and quicker to do so.

It doesn’t cost any more or take any longer to do the job right the first time.

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